Friday, July 1, 2016

Money, Money, Money...

“Money, Money, Money!  Some people got to have it.  Some people really need it.  Money, money, money...”  This is a great song by the O’Jay’s. When I initially started this blog, I had only money dreams in mind.  Who doesn’t like money?  I do.  We base our decisions and future plans with money in mind.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing unless it’s getting in the way.  It was getting in mine.

I was first drawn to Teachers Pay Teachers (Tpt), an open online store where teachers sell their teaching materials to other teachers as a buyer.  It felt good to shop, find what I needed, and put money in to other teacher’s pockets.  This led to my goal of possibly pursuing this money venture.

I noticed that most sellers on Tpt have a blog.  While reaching out to some of them through private messaging, they all gave the same advice: having a blog will promote your packets and bring up your sales.  Here’s the problem:  I had no packets to sell.

I had the pleasure of attending a Writer’s Symposium hosted by New Mexico National Boards (being a NBCT has it perks!)  This easily had been the best Professional Development I have ever attended!  I wish our school district would focus on our teaching passions and deliver professional development accordingly, but that’s another blog entry.

While acquiring much needed knowledge on how to write and collaborate with other like-minded, intelligent colleagues, I had my Oprah “a-ha!” moment!  We had the “introduce yourself to your neighbor you don’t know opening” activity. While meeting my new friend, I noted that I had started a blog website two years ago and had only published a few pieces!

This intelligent and kind new teacher friend immediately exclaimed how cool it was to have a blog but wanted to know why I have just a few entries.  After shrugging my shoulders, he exclaimed: “You are a baby blogger!”   This was the real moment of self realization.  I really don’t have packets to sell on Tpt, but I do have a lot to say.  Take the money out of this entire situation and it becomes so much more ideal.

I still like money.  I like the money song, too.  “You wanna do things, do things, do things, good things with it...”  The money might come some day. I do not have packets to sell.  I simply want to write.  I have always enjoyed writing.  I want opinions.  I want to interact!  I want to collaborate! 

What’s your dream!?  Tell me what is inspiring, irking, irritating, excting you about your teaching world these days?!?  Let’s talk!