About Me

I have wanted to be a Teacher since I was a little girl.  I would play school with all of my little cousins; and of course, I was the Teacher.  I am very lucky.  I am doing what I love to do and getting paid for it.

I have a family of seven that is enjoying this adventure with me: my husband, Gabe!  Isn't he handsome?!?  I have 3 gorgeous children.  It's fun to watch them grow and learn as a teacher and a mommy.  Each one has such a unique disposition and has entirely different learning style than the other; yet were raised with the same mores/values, parenting, etc.   The beauty with glasses: visual learner - the silly little, handsome guy with his tongue sticking out: kinesthetic learner; the one I'm holding with the sweet smile: auditory learner.

Here are my 2 children with fur, Carlie and Oliver.  I am quite blessed to have them...BUT wouldn't mind living in one of their lives (just for a day)...sleep...eat...get snuggled and kissed...eat some more...eat again...sit outside and watch the birds...get scratched behind the ears...endless treats...get taken for a leisure walk...eat...
Getting those 2 stubborn doggies to look at the camera is like herding cattle, but that's the best I can get for now.  Based on their lovely lives, I have no idea what their learning styles are, and will never venture to try and figure these two out.

I am starting this adventure by blogging on how I still learn something new every day, even though I have been teaching for many years.  This year I moved classrooms (I hate moving).  I switched from teaching Kindergarten to First Grade. Even though I switched grade levels (just a little bit up), I feel passionately about meeting each child's needs in my classroom!  I do this by researching, reading, and utilizing my student's learning styles to differentiate in my classroom.  My first "real" blog, will be about how I use the VKA Model to meet each little, special, wonderful child's needs in my room.

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